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Laura Backman

Author and school teacher, Laura Backman, shares how a very special duck named Lemon came into her life in her children's book, Lemon the Duck.

Lemon, a crested Pekin duck hatched in 2006, cannot walk or stand on her own due to a neurological condition. Nevertheless, Lemon is a spunky, happy duck that loves life, people, swimming, and to be kissed on her bill.

Lemon lives in Laura's home and is part of the family. With the help of a Lemobile (a scooter made from PVC pipes), she leads a happy life; even a high-flying life as a celebrity duck who teaches kids and adults about overcoming physical challenges and that life can be full even in the face of challenges.

Laura dedicated Lemon's story to her father who passed away from Multiple Sclerosis. Profits from the book are donated to the MS Society, Little Heirloom Farm and Preserve, and the Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary, a non-profit organization committed to finding homes for abandoned waterfowl.